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I GET it Series

I Get It is a fun way to learn all about the world around us. Each set has 8 books. Every book has four or five vibrant comic stories that answer questions in six categories.

How Do Things Work? reveals the stories behind technological marvels; Exploring the Universe unravels the fascinating mysteries of Earth and the Universe; The Explorers looks at things we take for granted and shows you how wonderful they really are; A Tiny Adventure travels inside the human and animal body and tells you how they work; Our Unique World lets you have an exciting peek into the world around us and Amazing Numbers examines the realm of the extreme!

Cartoon characters explain the 'what', 'how', 'when', 'where' and 'why' in simple terms that a child can easily grasp. I Get It is a treasure trove of knowledge and information that even grown-ups will enjoy reading!


Launch - December, 2010

Price - INR 500/-

Content Partner - DeAgostini

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