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My Success Story!

Self confidence and faith in hard work have brought Amita Sharma a long way

Born and brought up in a middle-class family from a small town in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir, I had never even dreamt of doing what I am doing today. The sense of achievement that I am proud of did not even exist in rarest of my talks with friends or family. With a father as a college lecturer and the only earning member, we had little needs, limited means and not-so-big aims. However though I was not fed with a silver spoon, my parents pampered me and I never had to look for alternatives to live a comfortable life.

So, I had an option. I could either continue to be pampered by parents, complete masters’ degree in some subject and settle down in an ordinary 9 to 5 job. Or break a norm by venturing out of my home to find out what is it that excites me and what is it that I love doing and could also make it my profession.

One day, while randomly flipping though newspapers, I found an advertisement stating that some company is hiring people who are willing to take up a few challenges for greater monetary returns. The word ‘challenge’ in that ad excited me and I hopped on to the train, travelled for over two-and-a-half hours, landed in the Jammu town. And, before I could reach the office to find out what is that challenge, I met with a road accident. I need not go into details of the accident, but yes I did get hurt and was in pain when I finally reached the office. The challenging life had just begun.

At office, I met a gentleman (he is my mentor today) who I think did not take me seriously and gave me a child-like treatment. I was told to come back when I am totally fine and willing to move around and do hardcore selling. I practically had no knowledge of direct selling or marketing. Worse still, I had never interacted with strange men. But that child-like treatment during the interview and asking me to come later challenged my ego. And, before I walked out of their office, I told them that I will return tomorrow and begin work.

The early days

Again, the next day I boarded the same train, reached office early and expressed my interest in the job. Looking at my enthusiasm, I was hired and immediately asked to undergo training. I was out of my comfort zone at home and the struggle days had begun. Earlier, I travelled for over four hours back-and-forth and walked across the streets learning the tactics of selling. Then, I shared an apartment with another girl – the greatest torture that I could have in my struggle days had come from her, but I can avoid these details too and call it yet another learning experience.

Parents too were not very supportive at this point of time as my focus had shifted from studies to the new job and this could not be tolerated by an educationist father. Once, when my father learned from a principal of school (who knew my father) that I had visited his school with intent of selling books. This infuriated him and he asked me to leave everything and stay back home. Hence, I had to take a stand and tell him that it was my decision and that I was not going back on it. I also assured him that one day he will take pride in whatever I am doing. All I had to explain thoroughly was that it was not at all a lowly work, but a hard work unlike any routine job that I did not like.

The proud moments

Like it happens in any other Indian family, the wedding is a big event and a lot is saved only to be spent on that occasion. When I pulled out my savings for my sister’s wedding, it not only amazed everybody at home, but also gave them those long-awaited moments of taking pride in me. I remember my mother telling my dad: “See, how she has achieved everything that she wanted and you once wanted to her to sit back at home and quit her job.

Another proud moment was when I bought a car by paying hard cash and not getting it financed. Yes, I am boasting, deal with it. I take pride in my work as it has enabled me in achieving what any other job would not have. I take pride in saying that my first ever earning was Rs 2,000 had come from the same work that I do today; the earning however is more than 100 times.

Sometimes when I look back at friends I had in town, around home or from college and school, while most of them have not been able to achieve much, a few of them are really successful and are in great professions – one of them is a senior ophthalmologist, one is an officer in Indian Air Force and few have jobs in multinational companies. However, I enjoy a niche. I do not have to be in any office from nine to five and can take as many holidays. I do not have to be answerable to many bosses and best thing is that I earn depending upon as much as I work and do not have to worry about promotions.

Not making it sound like a podium speech, the success that I take pride in today is because of my parents for imbibing in me the fundamental free spirit and making me confident enough to believe in my dreams and, of course, for standing by me at every low moment of my life.  And this success would not have been possible without my mentors and seniors at Impulse, especially Mr Mukesh Singh, Mr Sanjay Chaudhary, Mr Kamal Ahuja, Mr Sanjay Bakshi and my trainer Mr Omkar Sharma. Not only they have been great leaders and professional guides, but have also been like family members who stand by you even in your worse times. Impulse for me is just like the routine work that you do at home.

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