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"Impulse Marketing has successfully promoted our books to a direct audience. We greatly appreciate their professional efforts in reaching books to new customers"

-Manzar Khan, MD, Oxford University Press, India

"Impulse Marketing has truly revolutionised the access people have to quality books, both in terms of price and availability. Hachette, U.K's largest publisher is delighted to partner with Impulse to bring Indian readers the best books from all over the world at truly amazing prices"

-Thomas Abraham, MD, Hachette India

"Penguin and DK have been successful in establishing a wonderful partnership with Impulse Marketing to present reference books for the Indian family. Impulse Marketing, through their efficient channel has delighted customers with the best of Illustrated Reference titles published by us. We are extremely proud to be associated with such a professional partner."

-Andrew Phillips, CEO, Penguin India

"Impulse Marketing has revolutionised the process of marketing and selling printed books, by bringing it to the door step of the consumer. They could be largely credited with resurgence of interest in reading books, by the very intricate method of marketing that they employ

-K.M Thomas, MD, Encyclopaedia Britannica (I) Pvt. Ltd.
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